Last Week Valve Banned More Than 90,000 Steam Accounts

Recently, Valve has engaged in the process of banning specific steam accounts. In fact, the company has banned close to one hundred thousand accounts since the engagement started. The process took up to seven days to get these accounts banned. At the moment, the banning process has slowed down a bit. According to SteamDB charts, the carnage of banning accounts remained brutal.

The anti-cheat team at Valve took a drastic action to end specific prohibited behaviors and ended up in closing thousands of steam accounts. On a daily basis, reliable sources mentioned that Valve ensured to keep their promise of banning several accounts. Valve is a dedicated service that tracks Steam’s most significant games. Through its services, the company has been able to get rid of scammers in games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

On July 18, the number of banned accounts skyrocketed with around twenty-eight thousand five hundred and seven bans occurring just in a day. In total, the number increased up to thirty-one thousand and forty-seven game bans. According to people, the number of bans started climbing up to a massive chunk from the regular daily bans.

A total of sixty-one thousand four hundred and twenty-four accounts were banned on July 19 from Steam. Before July 19, the number of bans dropped to twenty-seven thousand four hundred and two. At the moment, the total number of bans on VAC remains one hundred and twenty thousand five hundred and twenty. This actual number is often reached for the precise count of a month.

In Steam’s history, the current bans remain the biggest that the company has ever attained. The actual cause of banning these accounts has not been known until now. Valve anti-cheat software has been designed to phish out any slight error from Steam accounts. If a Steam account has not been affected in the first wave, there is every possibility that the second round may lead to total termination in the future.

With this wind of terminating account on Steam, decent players can now enjoy their game with cheaters on the platform. Maybe the banning process will also help to scare scammers from disturbing a decent and dedicated player. While nobody can account for this banning process, it is better to be on the watch out.

In competitive internet games, hacking and scamming remains a huge problem. For game developers, this is one of the biggest problems in tackling now and then. If cheaters are allowed to participate in a competitive online game, they may end up destroying the gaming platform.

While the problem of hacking continues, Valve has designed a crackdown to take cheaters away in a straightforward fashion. Banning Steam account holders remain one of the fastest for Valve to accomplish its goal. According to reliable sources, it is officially known that Valve has been able to get rid of more than ninety thousand accounts only last week. Maybe the company will be applying other techniques in the near future nobody knows.

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