An Uncharted Fan Movie With Nathan Fillion Is All Over The Internet

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The Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion has been able to learn some great things while in Hollywood. Uncharted remains one of the most popular and well-respected AAA Game in the video game industry.

Uncharted Fan Movie

The Uncharted fan movie with Nathan Fillion remains a tough adventure series that is all over the internet at the moment. This movie is compared to the modern day Indiana Jones. The movie brings hope for an environment ready for adaptation. In fact, it is highly accessible than the tough Assassin’s Creed that many people like playing.

There have been floundering moments when trying to adapt the series into a movie with the help of professional directors such as David O. Russell, Niel Burger, and Seth Gordon. Nolan North remains the voice artist in the movie, and the game makes use of talents of motion capture. The role of Nathan Drake has a favorite for carrying out the acting and Fillion remains the selected actor for the position.

Director Allan Ungar and Fillion discovered each other via mutual friends. Both pairs were able to find out that they had a strong passion for the producing company. This gave Allan Ungar the spotlight to display his expertise and allow Fillion also show the passion he had for the franchise. The result of this association led to creating a new movie that air on YouTube. The movie was written by Jesse Wheeler and Ungar and featured Nathan Fillion as Drake.

In the film, the objective of Fillion was to explore specific artifacts that can later lead to a great treasure. For this to become a success, Fillion will have to ebb away from some evil goons. The director of the movie Ungar stated that the shooting of film took a space of 5 days over several geographical areas in southern California. During the same time, Nathan was participating in “The Rookie” and ABC cop drama plot.

The Uncharted fan movie with Nathan Fillion is floating over the internet because the storyline is captivating. The director of the movie mentioned that the film was not shot will several millions of dollars. In fact, most of the crew and cast donated their time to see the project become a success. This spirit was able to make the movie a super story on the internet at the moment.


The end game here is that Nathan Fillion and his director was able to build a good relationship before shooting the movie. The storyline and cooperation that exists the director and acting character have helped to make the film a huge success on the internet. Nathan Fillion remains an actor with a big personality of helping to reach fans with a well-crafted storyline. Exploring some ancient artifacts remains a capturing title that most people will like to watch. In fact, the exploration eventually led to more treasure and fans will like to see the end of the story.

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