According To Rumors Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Will Be A Battle Royale Mode With No Campaign

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Sources have aired that the normal standard single player campaign will not be included in the new version of Call Of Duty – Black Ops 4. The Zombies and multiplayer modes have been fixed for the upcoming release. At the moment, this is the confirmed news about the game. Apart from revealing the announcement, it is now confirmed as the initial objective of the producing company.

Another important thing to know is that battle royale version will be released alongside with the multiplayer mode. The new version of the game will look like PUBG and Fortnite in structure. The producers and developers are doing everything to ensure that the new release remains the same as proposed. This means that you will discover that every battle royale mode contains up to one hundred players at the same time.

However, it looks like this actual proposal may not come to fruition in the lunch of the game. The gameplay information or other important details are withheld at the moment because the developers of the game are still trying every effort to make it a reality. If the producing company hits the target of adding the battle royale version, then it will be accounted as the premiere of its kind in the gaming industry.

If this works well, then more other companies will also unleash their brand. The producers are aiming at October to make sure the single player mode also comes out with the other version. While rumours are still floating that the company may not be able to meet this date, more efforts still exist on the path of the manufacturers.

According to a reliable source, “career” happens to be the name for the Black Ops campaign initially. It will be coming out with certain co-op features that will help players learn new skills. However, the plan for this initial program is simply out of the line. There is another look on the part of the producers to add Zombies.

This may be a small snippet that will surface the action of zombies. The story has not been denied or confirmed by Activision, the publisher of Call Of Duty. This may tarry for some time until the game is unleashed to the public.

At this moment, people will have to accept any information that comes their way concerning the battle royale mode of the game. One thing is for sure, the single-player campaign will be removed to go along with the original intention of the producers.

If you are a big fan of Call Of Duty, it will be wise to continue following the latest news and get updated. This will help you know what the producers are doing concerning the release of the game. If the game comes along with the battle royal version, then you may order your copy for more excitement. Meantime, you will have to swallow any information with a grain of salt.

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